June 6, 2012

Dynamite Speech System

How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech,
Featuring the 21-Step Dynamite Speech System

Dynamic Speech System

  • Are you ready to make the shift from PowerPoint to Powerful Speaker?
  • Would you like to master the skills that professional speakers use to earn $10,000 per speech and more?
  • This step-by-step system will help you achieve your potential as a speaker.
  • Invest in the tools that will make you successful.
  • Procrastination is a strategy for failure.
  • Take action now.

Discover What Really Works

This system is based on many years of research and analysis. I’ve studied what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve interviewed top speakers and listened to their answers. In addition, I’ve given hundreds of paid speeches for hundreds of corporate and association audiences in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Through trial and error, research and study, I’ve developed a system that I’m confident will introduce you to ideas, concepts and techniques that you’ve never heard before. How can I make such a bold claim? Because my students have told me that much of what I teach is contrary to what they were taught by other teachers.

Speech Construction and Presentation Skills

Of my thousands of students, many have told me that the concepts, philosophies and techniques in this system are so intuitive, so organic and yet so technically precise, that they are far and away some of the best speech construction and presentation skills concepts on the market today.

Power, Presence and Poise

Great speakers combine power, presence and poise with practical ideas. They make you laugh and they make you think. They don’t just convey information, they convey hope. They are great because they connect.

A dynamite speech motivates, inspires and informs. It’s like an exciting movie. All of the right elements have been strategically chosen and are in the proper sequence. It grabs your attention and takes you for a ride. It’s not just a speech, it’s an experience! And here’s the good news: It’s not magic. The secrets of speaking success are here now.

The Dynamite Speech System is comprised of 21 steps, divided into three phases: Strategic Design; Creative Development; and Preparation and Delivery. The next time you hear a dynamite speech, you won’t have to ask, “How did he/she do that?” Now You’ll know! (10 audio CDs and an 80-page workbook)

Price: $199

Add To Cart: $199

A downloadable version of the Dynamite Speech System is also available.

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