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Do you want to use stories more effectively to captivate your audience and make more money?

Would you like to turn one powerful story into a million dollar speaking, training and consulting business?

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Stop giving boring presentations that fail to connect on an emotional level. Stop doing data dumps that put people into a content coma. Stop telling yourself that people don’t want to hear your stories. No more excuses!

No one else has your stories. No one else can share the knowledge and wisdom that you have from your life experiences. If you have a story to tell, it’s time you learn how to tell it.

You can learn how to become an amazing storyteller without spending tons of money. Did you know that you can now learn the secrets of masterful storytelling from the comfort of your home or office? It’s quick and easy. And you don’t need to spend money on airfare and hotels to do it.

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Being a better storyteller can help you reach your career goals faster than any other skill you could acquire. Becoming a better storyteller might be the best investment you ever make!

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Video eLearningStories are products. People buy them just like they would buy any worthwhile product. They have monetary value. If your story isn’t selling you, it may not be the story that’s the problem. You may not know how to tell it.

In the beginning of my speaking career I had one really great story. On the strength of that one story I built a million dollar speaking business. I developed The Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business based on the techniques I used to develop and perform that story.

You can become a professional speaker or a more inspiring leader by simply being able to tell your stories better. Your story can change people’s lives, and bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars in income at the same time.

  • Have you ever watched a professional speaker tell an amazing story and thought to yourself, “I could to do that?” Professional speakers get paid $5,000 to $25,000 and more, per speech. That’s money in the bank!
  • Have you ever been passed up for a promotion by a less qualified person because he or she was a better speaker and storyteller? If you’re in line for a promotion, your storytelling ability will give you a competitive advantage. That’s money in the bank!
  • When you tell a brilliantly-crafted and performed story, people who hear you will think, “My people need to hear that story.” They’ll come up to you after your presentation and ask for your business card so they can book you, and refer you. That’s money in the bank!

Or perhaps you’re a Toastmaster and you want to win your local, regional or World Championship competition. Your story, and how you tell it, can set you apart and help you achieve success.

eLearningFor years, people have been asking me to create videos to teach my Story Theater Method. They kept telling me, “Your book is great and your audios are excellent, but what you teach about movement and staging and creating a three-dimensional experience, is so visual, you need to create videos.”

Well I’ve finally done just that! Now there is an easy and simple way to learn how to tell your stories in a way that inspires people, gets more referrals from every speech and allows you to increase your speaking fees. I’ve created a video series that gives you everything you need to know about the three secrets to next level storytelling.

Jane Atkinson

“We know that storytelling is the cornerstone for any speaker or executive getting great results from the platform. Doug Stevenson provides an easy, step-by-step, formula for taking your presentations to an entirely new level. This video series is a “must watch” for anyone who wants to improve their platform and storytelling skills, I would highly recommend this investment in your career.
I really love this product!”

Jane Atkinson, Author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 & The Epic Keynote,

You came to this page looking for a solution. You probably already have solid content, excellent public speaking skills, and good stories. But, you know those stories need to be better – they need to be amazing to get you where you want to go.

Karen Post“I’ve worked with Doug Stevenson for over 12 years. His expertise has been a true game changer in my career. I’ve worked with him as a coach, attended his workshops and recently went though his Next Level Storytelling e-Learning course. As a busy entrepreneur, I need efficient ways to learn and constantly improve my persuasion/influence/speaking craft. Doug’s e-learning course works on my schedule and my pace.> Plus the beauty of online classes is you can access the video and exercises and revisit them, whenever you need to. I’ve used Doug’s Story Theater Method in many aspects of my businesses. As a professional speaker to motivate my audiences, as a business leader to empower my teams, a sales person to develop new business. The return on investment with Doug’s services and tools has exceeded my goals every time. Doug gets business; he’s worked with professionals from the corporate world and emerging entrepreneurs. Whether you are in sales, human resources, business development or in the executive leadership, Doug’s methods produce results.”
Karen Post, Entrepreneur, Professional speaker, Confident storyteller thanks to Doug Stevenson

In this self-paced, online video learning series, you’ll get everything you need to learn how to choose, craft and deliver amazing stories. You’ll learn how to go from speaking for free to charging high fees. You’ll learn how to be funnier and more dramatic, how to connect on a deep emotional level with your audience and how to set yourself apart in the marketplace.

Why would you even think of giving your next speech with the “same old – same old” that you have been doing? Take advantage of this career-changing learning resource right now. Your next speech can be the best speech you’ve ever given.

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With the Next Level Storytelling Video eLearning Series, you’ll get the full series of video tutorials, divided into Nine Phases, plus bonus videos, summaries and exercises to choose, craft and perform your amazing, million-dollar stories.

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