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  • LIVE Webinars
      • 10 Things You Need to Know to Give a TED/TEDx Talk:
            Feb. 27 or March 2, 2019. Scroll below for more info and registration.
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10 Things You Need to Know to Give a TED Talk – LIVE WEBINAR

Here’s what you’ll learn:

      • What is TED and what does TED stand for
      • The difference between TED and TEDx
      • How to identify your Idea Worth Spreading
      • The ONE major misconception speakers have about TED talks
      • How to apply to speak at TED or TEDx
      • How to audition locally, or virtually
      • What it takes to be chosen for a TED or TEDx event
      • Other factors organizers consider when choosing speakers
      • How to develop a catchy title
      • How to make your audition irresistible to organizers
      • How much you’ll be paid to speak
      • How a TED or TEDx talk can change your life

LIVE Webinar times: (Select your desired time when you register.)

      • Wednesday, Feb. 27, 10 am Pacific time / 1 pm Eastern time / 7 pm Central European time
      • Saturday, March 2, 9 am Pacific time / 12 pm Noon Eastern time / 6 pm Central European time

Investment to attend Webinar:

      • US $57, if you register by February 20, 2019
      • US $77, if you register after February 20, 2019


      • This is a LIVE Webinar.
      • It will NOT be recorded for later playback / access.
      • Enrollment is limited.
      • You will receive a link to join the Webinar 24 hours ahead of the date/time you select at registration.

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  • Now AVAILABLE: pre-recorded, three-part Webinar workshop, entitled

    Storytelling Mastery – How to Tell an Inspiring Story

    Anyone can tell a story, but telling a story that inspires people to change requires a different skillset. It requires craft, courage and vulnerability. It also requires the ability to share a deeper truth and to harness the power of emotion. In this three-part webinar workshop, Doug Stevenson will show you how to take your storytelling to the next level.

    Here’s what’s covered in Session One of this THREE-PART Webinar Workshop:
    1. Find your most inspiring stories
    2. Identify the emotional triggers
    3. Develop characters that come alive
    4. Manage your emotions
    5. Create three-dimensional environments
    6. Think “scenes” – not sequence
    Also includes pdf workbook for each session.

    Click here for the complete synopsis of this exciting 3-part webinar workshop series!

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  • Now AVAILABLE: pre-recorded, 75-minute webinar workshop:

    Storytelling at Work:Internal Business Presentations – How to Make an Emotional Connection and Get Your Point Across

    Internal presentations at work can make or break a career. They not only communicate your content, but they also highlight your leadership ability and future potential. The ability to present yourself with confidence, poise and professionalism is essential to your success. It helps you get the buy-in you need when you make proposals or go for that promotion.

    The one thing that will slow you down, however, is to give a boring presentation that fails to make an emotional connection. The secret to making a real connection, while simultaneously delivering relevant content, is storytelling.

    It is widely accepted that stories work on many levels. They make a point, teach a lesson or sell a product, service or idea. But the right story will also sell YOU. If you want to make a positive impression that will be remembered for weeks, months or maybe years to come, one well-chosen and crafted story will do the trick. If you want that new assignment or promotion, step-out, stand-out and tell a story. But not just any story – it has to be the right story, that makes the right point, for the right presentation.

    In this 75-minute webinar workshop, you’ll learn how to find the right story using Doug’s Story Safari System. Then, you’ll learn how to craft the story using The Nine Steps of Story Structure. And finally, you’ll learn six essential presentation skills techniques that will allow you to present your story with confidence, clarity and focus. You’ll discover how to let your authentic self shine through, while also getting your point across.

    Set yourself apart by learning how to apply Storytelling at Work in your Internal Business Presentations. You’ll receive an email with access link, password, and pdf handout.

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  • Now AVAILABLE: pre-recorded, 90-minute webinar workshop:

    What’s Your Story: Find Your Stories with the Story Safari System

    In this webinar workshop you’ll learn how to find stories in everyday situations. You don’t need a life-threatening event to have a powerful story. The trick is to know what to look for, where to look for it and how to determine if the story is worth telling.

    Join Doug as he leads you on a Story Safari to find your meaningful stories. In no time, (or at least in 90 minutes), you’ll have the ability to find the story you need to make the point you want to make. You’ll identify stories that get lots of laughs and stories that are filled with emotion. You’ll identify stories that market and sell your product and services; and stories that explain who you are and what you do. Stories are everywhere. You just need to know where to look. Learn to find relevant and powerful stories in everyday situations, meaningful moments and more. You’ll receive an email with access link, password, and pdf handout.

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