June 7, 2010

Shrink Wrap Your Story

When you think about what story to tell, make sure the point it makes fits your audience and their current situation. Far too often people use stories simply to shift the energy or to lighten things up when they could be continuing to teach, sell or inspire with the right story. Consider your audience. They’re busy. Their time is valuable. Don’t waste their time during a presentation with a joke or a story that doesn’t fit.

In the presentation I did this morning I chose to tell a specific story based on the research I’d done about the group. It’s not a story that I always tell, but it fit their situation. In the past, I was far too “structured” with a few stories that I liked to tell because they worked for me. I enjoyed performing them so I just stuck them in everywhere. It was too much about ME and my comfort level and not as much about what THEY needed.

Shrink wrap your story around the needs of your audience or customer.

2 thoughts on “Shrink Wrap Your Story

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