November 9, 2010

Leadership Training – Inspirational Leadership

Your most valuable asset is your people. Many organizations refer to them as talent, because that is exactly what they are. They are unique individuals with specific talents and skills. With expert leadership, their talents will flourish. Five talented people with proper guidance and leadership will easily outperform ten people who lack proper guidance and leadership.

That is why inspirational leaders are so valuable. They are a net asset.

Inspirational Leadership is a program that focuses on three areas of development; character, culture and communication.

Inspirational leaders do more with less. They produce better results with fewer people and smaller budgets. Their people work harder and smarter because they are treated with respect.

People want to work for inspirational leaders because they are expected to think, contribute and solve problems on their own. They are given the support they need to innovate and are allowed to make mistakes as long as the process leads to positive solutions. After all, the creative process that led to every great invention or innovation was filled with trial and error.

Inspirational leaders attract the best talent and inspire intense loyalty to themselves and their team. They are the leaders others want to follow. They are worth their weight in gold.

One in a hundred people is a born inspirational leader. They are born with the inherent skills, qualities and personality traits needed to lead others forward to their highest level of contribution. The good news is, the skills and qualities of an inspirational leader can be taught and nurtured.

Right now, there are people in your organization that have everything it takes to become inspirational leader. They simply need to be developed.

Inspirational leaders are:

  • Skillful delegators
  • Patient teachers
  • Natural motivators
  • Self-directed learners
  • Outgoing and inclusive
  • Secure in who they are
  • Conscious and skilled communicators
  • Good listeners
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Skilled facilitators
  • Inquisitive explorers
  • Consensus builders
  • High achievers

Focus area #1 – Character

Inspirational leaders devote time and energy to personal development. They are self-aware and humble. They are also confident and decisive. They have the ability to provide constructive criticism without attacking the individual.

Think about your coworkers. The majority of them work for your company because they like it there. They like the people, the salary and the benefits. They may come to work because they have to have a job in order to pay the bills – but they produce at a high level because they are invested in the outcome.

But there is one thing that can absolutely sabotage their creativity, productivity and spirit – a lousy boss. Bad bosses are the reason many companies struggle to compete. Bad bosses destroy people’s spirit. Because they lack self-awareness and skills, they de-motivate people around them.

Bad bosses cost companies money. They decrease the value of each individual. They destroy talent. It’s as if they take 20 good people and reduce their productivity to the level of 10 average people.

Bad bosses are often good people. They are simply unaware. They are insecure. And they lack the skills and training to shift their negative behavior to positive behavior. With proper training, they can become great leaders.

On the other hand, some bad bosses are not good people. They are mean; controlling and lack even the most basic conscious communication skills. They blame others for their own misgivings and are the last people to work on themselves. While they may get results, they are bullies. They are a net loss for the companies that keep them around.

In an inspirational leadership keynote or workshop, we’ll focus on the character traits of inspirational leaders.

Focus area #2 – Culture

How does corporate culture affect productivity and morale? The answer is, a lot. If the culture is one of inclusion and cohesion, each individual contributes at a high level. If the culture is one of intimidation and coercion, people give exactly the bare minimum.

In essence, people work for their own reasons. They work to support their family, their needs and their desire to contribute. If their ability to contribute is compromised by a culture that stifles their creativity, they will contribute less. If on the other hand, the culture inspires and challenges them, they will contribute their best effort.

In an inspirational leadership keynote or workshop, we’ll examine exemplary corporate cultures.

Focus area #2 – Communication

This is probably the area that is most in need of skill building for leaders today. It has often been said that it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Both are true. What you say; what words you choose to use, can make the difference between an empowering conversation and one that leads to resentment and mistrust.

How you say what you say; your tone of voice, inflection and the attitude behind the words, also affects the outcome of a conversation.

The good news is that conscious communication skills can be learned. Leaders, who understand how to facilitate a meeting, provide constructive feedback and give clear and unambiguous directions will be responsible for increased productivity. They will also improve loyalty, increase retention and attract the best talent.

Inspirational leaders are worth their weight in gold. Invest in them and they will pay you huge dividends.

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