Make Your PowerPoint Connect With Storytelling and Imagery

PowerPoint can either support you or defeat you – depending on how you use it. In this workshop with Doug Stevenson, you’ll learn how to build your PowerPoint presentation to include the human-interest stories that relate to your product or project. As a result, your presentations will become more engaging and productive.

Do you have lots of data and statistics that have to be included in your presentations?

Many PowerPoint presentations are too dense. They contain more information and data than anyone can possibly digest in a short period of time. You can learn how to present in a way that is more aligned with how people learn, rather than based on what you feel obligated to communicate. Less is more.

For every presentation, there is a strategically chosen and crafted story that can create the context for all of the information and data that needs to be conveyed. Your PowerPoint deck can include this “human-element” story, which serves to establish a “theme” for the entire presentation. Like in a good movie, the story’s characters encounter obstacles and challenges that keep your audience engaged. And of course, the story makes the point you want to make in a creative and memorable fashion.

Gain buy-in for your project. Be more persuasive and compelling. Win the battle for mind-share.

In this workshop, Doug will focus on creating engaging PowerPoint decks, and will include creative slide basics, going beyond bullets, the use of imagery, how to tell a story with PowerPoint and more. You’ll work on a specific PowerPoint presentation. You can improve one that you recently delivered or work on one for the future. Bring your laptops and be ready to work.