The Power to Persuade – The Magic of Story

This program can also be titled: Lead, Engage & Persuade with Storytelling, or a title to match your conference theme.

It has long been proven that logic alone usually fails to engage or persuade. Words alone do not change behavior. Dull PowerPoint puts people into a content coma, and dense technical information, while valuable and important, usually works like a sedative on the brain.

Storytelling in Business is Serious Business

Keynotes or Training: In this inspiring, enlightening and fun-filled program, you will experience the power of storytelling to engage, inspire and lead more effectively.

  • Discover why data dumps don’t work and what to do instead
  • Learn how to embed data and technical information inside a story
  • Stop giving boring presentations that don’t connect emotionally
  • Use a simple formula to find compelling stories from everyday life
  • Discover why content without context is a recipe for failure
  • Learn how to make your message stick with a Phrase That Pays

Advanced Presentation Skills for Leaders

Stories communicate ideas and information as no other medium can. They connect emotionally and intellectually, and appeal to listeners of all learning styles. A well-chosen and crafted story is a compelling tool for framing a concept, teaching a lesson or making a point. Just telling a story, however, is not enough. It must be the right story, with the right elements, told in a compelling way. That’s where Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method comes in. For more information on The Story Theater Method, click on The Story Theater Method in the sidebar on the right.

Engagement, Influence and Inspiration

Doug’s program gives you new and invigorating skills to be more engaging and entertaining while teaching strategic learning points. Learn how to harness the power and magic of your stories to engage, influence and inspire.

What makes Doug unique is his ability to mesmerize you with his storytelling mastery and then take you behind the curtain to teach you how he chooses, crafts and delivers his stories. In this keynote or training, Doug will tell stories about going streaking, getting stuck in airport purgatory, and learning a powerful lesson in leadership from a wise CEO.

Corporate Storytelling Expert, Doug Stevenson

Doug Stevenson is one of the country’s foremost experts on storytelling in and for business. He is the creator of The Story Theater Method and has shared his passion for storytelling mastery from Milwaukee to Munich, San Francisco to Singapore, and Louisville to London.

He has spoken at leadership summits, executive retreats, sales rallies and marketing meetings. From ballrooms to board rooms, retreat centers to corporate training facilities, Doug has been “bringing it” since 1996.

Storytelling Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach

Let Doug customize a storytelling keynote, training or breakout session for your organization. He’ll incorporate your message and theme into his program and create a customized story especially for your event.

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Storytelling Breakout Session

People learn by doing. In this breakout session, Doug will perform a story, then debrief it, revealing how deliberate crafting transformed it from an ordinary story to one that is engaging and makes a relevant point to the audience he is speaking to.

Using a workbook, Doug will teach people how to find and develop their own relevant stories. He will also coach volunteers to demonstrate that anyone can implement these techniques to improve a story’s impact, and become more engaging and confident. He will teach you how to use stories to stimulate emotional triggers, and activate the listener’s imagination for greater retention of important data and information.

This session can be customized for leadership, marketing, sales, fundraising or executive power and presence.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify and choose stories that make the point you need to make
  • Craft stories using The Nine Steps of Story Structure
  • Captivate attention by delivering stories in an engaging way
  • Make your point stick with a Phrase That Pays
  • Find the “emotional hook” that makes the story compelling

A small sampling of Doug’s storytelling in business clients include: Amgen, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Deloitte, Genentech, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Oracle, Rockwell Collins, State Farm, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and hundreds of associations and non-profits.

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