Story Theater Retreat, Tucson, AZ; 4 people

  • The Story Theater Retreat is an opportunity for you to focus on your own personal development and expand your presentation skills and performance abilities.
  • It’s a time to look inward so that you can project outward.
  • You’ll be joined by three other business professionals who bring a serious need and desire to improve their speaking skills.
  • You will rediscover yourself in the retreat – the true and authentic self that gets squashed and quashed in your busy world.
  • As you release this more congruent and authentic level of expression, you will feel your inner confidence and power grow, and you will learn and incorporate fascinating new presentation and storytelling skills.
  • Let go of expectation. Step out of your box. Stand in your power.
  • In the intimate and safe environment of The Story Theater Retreat, you’ll be nurtured and supported as you expand into your full potential.

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Over 1000 graduates in over 80 retreats since 1996 including:

Doug Stevenson coaches business speakers and leaders on using stories to influence and persuade

  • CEO’s, executives, VP’s, directors
  • teachers
  • coaches
  • trainers and training directors
  • accountants and engineers
  • entrepreneurs and business owners
  • professional speakers
  • Olympic athletes
  • adventurers
  • Fundraising professionals
  • University presidents, professors and administrators
  • non-profit and association professionals
  • authors

We’ll Help You Get Ready

It's Showtime for speakers and business managers at the Story Theater RetreatAfter you register for the retreat, you’ll be given instructions on how to prepare. All you need to prepare is one 4 – 8 minute, personal story to present during the retreat. In the retreat, you’ll learn a process that can be applied to all of your stories.

As part of your retreat fee, you will receive a copy of my book, Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method (formerly titled Never Be Boring Again); a copy of the Introduction to Story Theater, on two audio CDs or mp3 download; a copy of the Story Theater Audio Six Pack learning system, on 6 audio CDs or mp3 download. Retreat graduates have said that these resources really provide the foundation to help you come to the retreat prepared. You’ll also receive the complete Dynamite Speech System ($275 value) as an additional gift from me.

You’ll also receive some key articles and an optional 30-minute pre-retreat phone conference with me so you can ask any questions that come up during your preparation. We’ll also send logistical information about travel, hotels, local transportation, etc.


“OMG. After studying with you and learning your methodology, I presented a 40-minute talk with three stories at CLO Exchange and I killed it. I’ve got plenty room for improvement but at least 4 people stopped me in the hallways over the next day or two to say how much they liked the stories. They brought it up-not me. There were three days of talks with no one else using this story delivery method. I felt sorry for them.”

– Rich Hazeltine, Zappos

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“This was the best expenditure of time and money I have made as a speaker. The value was incredible. If you are looking to take your platform skills to the next level, Story Theater is the best investment you can make. The setting of the retreat is first class and facilitated the learning experience.”

– Jeff Kortes, author of No Nonsense Retention;

Doug Debra AtkinsonYou will prepare one story to work on in the retreat. During the retreat, you will perform it two times. We’ll be working on:

  • storytelling form and structure – the writing of the story
  • making one clear and memorable point
  • branding your message with a Phrase That Pays
  • how to portray dramatic moments
  • expanding your emotional range
  • improving eye contact
  • where, when and how to get more laughs
  • staging and movement
  • proper use of the dramatic pause
  • using body language to convey emotion
  • opening and closing your story
  • developing a commanding presence and poise
  • overcoming nervousness
  • setting the correct intention

You will be video-recorded and both my feedback and that of the other students will be captured on video for your review.

On the first full day, you will present the “before” version of the story. I’ll then coach you for about 45 minutes. That evening you’ll go back to your hotel room and review the video. You’ll see exactly how the story improved with my coaching and what you need to work on before you perform the story the next day.

On the next day, you’ll perform the “after” version of the story. The difference will be dramatic. You’ll be amazed at how much you, and everyone else, have improved overnight. Every participant says that the video is one of the most powerful learning tools they’ve ever experienced.

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Other ways to register: Contact Us for a scannable registration form; or contact Deborah at 1-719-310-8586 to register by phone.